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West Hawk Lake is the only crater lake in Canada accessible by road. Unlike all the other lakes in the area (which were formed by glacier action) West Hawk Lake was created a hundred million years ago by the impact of a meteor that blasted a hole deep enough to bury the Manitoba Legislative Building at 110 meters (365 feet) deep. It is a favorite diving spot because of its ' depth and clear water. The townsite at West Hawk is a picturesque collection of log buildings housing restaurants, resorts, stores, and a Museum of Geological History at the campground. Falcon Lake is also known as one of the more renowned UFO sightings in the province. To learn more, take a ride to the UFO site at Falcon Beach Ranch.

At the northwest end of West Hawk Lake, on the Whiteshell River that links to Caddy Lake, can be found the Fish Hatchery, which is well worth a visit. It raises trout, pickerel and other species to stock Manitoba's lakes. The Whiteshell River here is a prime spot for fly-fishing.

The town of Falcon Lake has a stunning new boardwalk and pier by the main beach and picnic area. It is home to one of the best 18-hole golf courses in Canada, the Falcon Lake Golf Course. The visitor can also enjoy mini golf, tennis, lawn bowling or the rental of three-seater bicycles. An offshoot of the Trans-Canada trail starts beside the Community Club and gym with its brand new fitness centre. From here you can bike, walk or run all the way to the Ontario border or to Caddy Lake. Downtown Falcon boasts a large variety of stores and restaurants including a shopping centre. The lake itself is 7 miles long and a favorite of cottagers. A charming diversity of accommodation is available here, including hotels, log cabins, resorts and campgrounds.

Go to the Manitoba Parks website to learn more about the Whiteshell and it's hirtory.

The Falcon/West Hawk Chamber of Commerce was formed about 1995, and is the outgrowth of the former Business Association. Our constitutional objective is “to promote and improve trade and commerce and the economic, civic, and social welfare of the district, while respecting the environment.” We are one of the first chambers to entrench environmental stability into our formal articles.

We are in a unique position as a Chamber of Commerce, being in a Provincial Park and not a municipality. This provides challenges as well as benefits. There are no town councils here. The Chamber consults with and works closely with the Parks Branch and also the Whiteshell Community Club. Some of our initiatives have been fulfilled — promoting the development of the new pier and boardwalk in Falcon, and building the Crator Lake information kiosk at West Hawk, for instance.

We are concerned about maintaining the water quality of our lakes, while not stifling growth — we want as many Manitobans as possible to be able to enjoy our lakes and beaches.

The Falcon/West Hawk Chamber of Commerce (which also encompasses businesses on Caddy Lake) has established Falcon Fun Fest and Meteor Days summer festivals, and promoted summer ball tournaments and music festivals. Please do come and enjoy all we have to offer!

Most residents of the area are directly or indirectly employed in tourism, the primary economic activity. Falcon, West Hawk and Caddy Lakes have a myriad of services for visitors and residents.

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